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Apr 6, 2011

Norwegian Facebook users first victims of automated attack?

Norwegian media reports of a supposedly attack on Norwegian Facebook users, here's a link to the Norwegian news article.

Facebook users are calling their local police about the incident, phones started ringing at 22:15 CEST. At the time of writing, reports indicate that users near the city Haugesund were first affected. Users have explained the attack to the police as follows:

First you receive a "message" (unclear if it's a message or a wall post), stating: "You are next." Then your profile picture is changed to some sort of animation. Finally, the attackers change your password, and you lose access to your account.

An enjoyable statement from the police: "There's little we can do. We can't just send a patrol car into Facebook."

I'm logged into Facebook right now and haven't noticed anyting unusual, and I'm unable to find similar stories on the Internet. Have Norwegian Facebook users gone crazy (or the police), or are we seeing the start of a potent attack on Facebook users? Judging from the news article, the attack does not necessarily require user interaction. It could be a Facebook worm. I'll be interesting to see tomorrow how the situation develops.

And for the record: The article is dated April 5, so this should have nothing to do with April  fools' Day.

***Update*** April 7.
I contacted the journalist who wrote the story, they hadn't followed up on the matter. But if this was a real attack, I bet it was one of the password stealing apps on Facebook.


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