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Sep 24, 2010

ASP.NET padding oracle vulnerability, the video

A video of the POET-tool — used to exploit the ASP.NET padding oracle vulnerability — have been published to show the tool in action. The video shows the steps taken by the tool to compromise the web.config file of the application, which in this example contains the ASP.NET machine keys.

Following the results presented in the Usenix paper by Rizzo and Duong, the tool does not compromize the keys directly, but rather relies on the oracle to create a valid ciphertext which in turn can be used to retrieve the web.config from the application. The machine keys are not completely lost until the web.config is served as a regular file by ASP.NET.

Access to the machine keys enables forging of viewstates — as well as Forms authentication cookies. Apparently, a DotNetNuke cookie can be forged to log the attacker in as a superuser.

What happens after this is not related to the current ASP.NET vulnerability, but is related to a different vulnerability. Shell access is obtained to the machine through a known attack, and is carried out by installing a new module in DotNetNuke.

We'll return to the forged DotNetNuke cookie. Why is this possible? Well, yes, the encryption key and signing key for an authentication cookie are both compromised. Still, it's possible to tighten up session security in DotNetNuke. An authentication cookie should be tied to some server side state. When it's not, like in this demo, the entire authentication procedure can be skipped and rendered useless — unfortunately a very common setup in ASP.NET applications. In other words, losing your machine keys should not immediately lay open the road to log in to your application as a superuser!

I'll be blogging more about ASP.NET session management, and the whole "authorization based exclusively on client controlled state" idea. It's an important, though somewhat complicated matter.


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  13. As web developers, we are always aware of the latest security threats. Recently, there has been a new security threat that we should be aware of - POET-tool exploits ASP.NET padding oracle vulnerability to compromise machine keys.

    POET-tool is a remote access tool that allows attackers to control and monitor targets. POET-tool exploits a vulnerability in ASP.NET that allows attackers to inject malicious content into requests and injects the contents of arbitrary files into responses. This allows attackers to execute malicious code on the target machine, access sensitive data, and steal secrets.

    To exploit this vulnerability, POET-tool requires that the user be authenticated using an ASP.NET user ID and password. Once the attacker has access to these credentials, they can exploit the padding oracle vulnerability to compromise machine keys.

    This is a serious vulnerability that requires all developers using ASP.NET to be aware of it and take appropriate action to protect their machines. By following these simple steps, you can protect your machine from attack and keep your data safe.

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